The KerPoof! website is packed full of online interactive and creative fun. Created by Disney, you will find lots of ways to incorporate drawing, illustrating, and writing skills using this site. The activities range from designing cards to creating animated movies. There are dozens of great images for backgrounds, people, and props included in the free “basic” package. One of my favorite areas is the Teacher Lesson Plans section. Geared towards grades K-8, the lesson plans list objectives and standards followed by detailed descriptions of how to incorporate KerPoof! in the learning process. Here are some examples.

Art Capabilities with KerPoof

A Short Video Tutorial


Cool Animation & Presentation Sites!

I stumbled across a couple of really neat animation and presentation sites the other day.  Have you heard of or used PowToon or Muvizu? is awesome! I love the effects and how easy it is to use! What a great website! Although it is not free, you might just think it is worth the $6.25 per month to have access to this great presentation and animation site! There is a free 30-day trial so you can see if it works for you. Anything you create in the 30 days is yours to keep (as long as you download it). Here is a brief video  that probably took me 10 minutes to make just to give you an idea of what you can do.

The next site I found is called  The software is free and downloadable. You can create 3-D animated videos with a variety of characters, backgrounds, and accessories. The website contains lots of great tutorials on how to use the program as well as sample videos created by others. Teachers can create a login for the site as a “gatekeeper,” which allows them to create accounts for students. Just take a look at this example of how an animation was created to re-tell the poem The Jabberwocky. Click HERE if the video does not appear below. There are TONS of educational uses for this. However, I have a feeling this software may be a bit more challenging to learn. I can see using it for a tech class or video production class. It really covers the stages of creating, directing, and producing videos very nicely!