Cool Animation & Presentation Sites!

I stumbled across a couple of really neat animation and presentation sites the other day.  Have you heard of or used PowToon or Muvizu? is awesome! I love the effects and how easy it is to use! What a great website! Although it is not free, you might just think it is worth the $6.25 per month to have access to this great presentation and animation site! There is a free 30-day trial so you can see if it works for you. Anything you create in the 30 days is yours to keep (as long as you download it). Here is a brief video  that probably took me 10 minutes to make just to give you an idea of what you can do.

The next site I found is called  The software is free and downloadable. You can create 3-D animated videos with a variety of characters, backgrounds, and accessories. The website contains lots of great tutorials on how to use the program as well as sample videos created by others. Teachers can create a login for the site as a “gatekeeper,” which allows them to create accounts for students. Just take a look at this example of how an animation was created to re-tell the poem The Jabberwocky. Click HERE if the video does not appear below. There are TONS of educational uses for this. However, I have a feeling this software may be a bit more challenging to learn. I can see using it for a tech class or video production class. It really covers the stages of creating, directing, and producing videos very nicely!


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