Several months ago I started moving my video tutorials to a Youtube channel called Gr8TechTools. Having worked in the field of instructional technology for . . . let’s just say many years . . . I have created a lot of training material. Until recently, the videos have been stored on a private server for use by staff at the school where I work. It’s been long overdue to move these videos to Youtube to share with whoever else might find them useful. So far I have uploaded videos about Google Apps, Moodle, Microsoft Office, and a few other tools. More of my current videos will be uploaded and new ones are created all the time. Keep checking back to the Gr8TechTools YouTube channel for new uploads.

Web Picks

The other day I read an article about some new features on the CK12 website (if you haven’t heard of CK12, you really need to check it out — awesome free online textbooks!). Anyway, the article stated that CK12 has now teamed up with BrainGenie, an interactive website for students to learn and practice math and science skills. After a few minutes of manuvering the BrainGenie site, I could tell it was going to be a game changer for those two cores subjects. This site has thousands of practice problems for grades 1-12 that are aligned to the Common Core standards, along with an introductory video for each concept. Teachers can easily create student accounts so that they can track progress. What a great formative assessment tool! Every math and science teacher needs to take a look at this site and the great features it has. And don’t forget, the BrainGenie site is integrated into the CK12 online textbooks, making the combination an even more excellent teaching source.
(RIP Murugan Pal, co-founder of CK12, who died on 10/30/2012).


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